Roohani Taraqi ka Rasta

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Way of spiritual growth

by Bishop Naveed Malik

Describes about the ways how can followers of Christ can move into right direction for having eternal life in reward.

(120 pages)

Saleeb ki Haqeeqat

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Truth of Cross

by Evng. Ashir Kaleem

This books explains about the reality and truth of Cross, it is helpful for non believer to know about the crucification of Christ on Cross.

(85 pages)

Kafary ki Barkat

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Blessings of Atonement

by G.A Haroon

It shows how blessing of atonement reach to the people of all over the world, from the crucification to the end of this life.

(105 ? pages)

Hayat Al Masih

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Life of Christ

by Daniale Saroya

It is specially written to understand about the life and teachings of Christ for christian and non christian people. This book helps and convinces the reader that He is the greatest teacher of the world.

(110 pages)

Dua aur Aml

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prayer and Practice

by Haroon Masih Sarwar

This booklet gives a positive but emphatic presentation of the Gospel, regarding prayer and its practice.

(67 pages)
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