Sadaqat ki pehchan

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Identification of Truth

by Evng. Khalid Khan

Details principles and scripture references have been given through which we can identify truth of christianity easily.

(75 pages)

Kalisiai Rakhna aur us ka Hal

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Breach in Church and its solution

by G. M. Khokhar

How to settled the breach and confliction among church with the help of Gospel, prayer and Holy spirit.

(56 pages)

Kalesia ki Nash o nma

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Church growth

by Pr. Shahid Naeem

How does church grow on strong foundatinos,when faithful and loyal people share gospel diligently and serve hard among the local christians.

(50 pages)

Haqeeqi Agahi

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cover book of Ashraf Bhatti

True Awareness

by Ashraf Bhatti

The author tells us ways to know about the real awareness of christian faith through scriptural paragraph and doctrine.

(68 pages)

Bidaet aur Schai

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Bidaet aur Schai

Heresy and Truth

by Zahid Aslam

Explains what is difference between heresy and the true teachings of Scriptures about the basic tenets of Christian faith.

(26 pages)
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