Gareeb Lakrhara

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Poor Woodcutter

by Irfan Ashraf Sandhu

This is beautful story of an honest and hardowrking wood cutter. It infuses true spirit of honesty and truth in children and emphasis that truth and honesty alway par good reward all.

(25 pages)

Na farmani ki Saza

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Punishment for disobedience

by Pr.Saleem Raza

This story tells us how children get punishment when they disobey their elders, and in the same way they get punishment if they disobey God.

(46 pages)

Bachoon ka Tohfa

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Children's Gift

by Emmanuel Sandhu

This is a clear story how we teach children about God's promises when they keep His God's commandments in their lives.

(50 pages)

Bachay aur Injeel

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Children and Gospel of Christ.

by Miss. E.S Khokhar

This books has some wonderful events of the life of Jesus Christ.
It gives motivation and inspire children to follow Him in their lives.

(38 pages)
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