About us

St. Thomas Publications (STP) is a well established publishing company. It was established in the dark period of the Christian history of Pakistan when all Christian institutions were taken under Govt. Authorities of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, resultantly religious and spiritual growth of Christians was really disturbed, even stopped in Pakistan. Due to see this situation (STP) took a great and initiative step to provide the Christian literature to Pakistani Christian abundantly on non-profit bases, so they may get opportunity to have quality Christian literature for their spiritual and religious growth easily. It is an interdenominational publishing house that is determined to provide quality Christian books, booklets, pamphlets etc. in the Urdu language. (STP) is a Charitable Trust which is governed by a board of Trustees .(STP) serves Urdu speaking people, with both evangelistic and nurturing literature. All churches, organizations, bookshops, libraries, Christian hospitals, and Bible schools like to use the literature of (STP). It is an active Christian Publishing House in Pakistan. All the above stated organizations have benefited from this ministry over the last many years. For example, the (STP) has always felt that the Lord has placed it in Pakistan, to serve the nations through producing and distributing Urdu literature. The objective of producing literature is two fold: to bring the Good News of salvation to many unsaved people and to help the saved community to grow in their Christian faith and to train and equip them for evangelism. The Lord has blessed(STP) with well educated, qualified and trained staff.